Press release

Freedom Day a celebration for all Africans says President Michel in congratulatory message to South Africa

April 26, 2014

Sunday marks 20 years since the Republic of South Africa embraced racial tolerance and created an inclusive democracy ending nearly fifty years of racist apartheid rule. President James Michel expressed sincere congratulations on behalf of Government and the people of Seychelles to Jacob Zuma, President of the Republic of South Africa, and to the South African people as Freedom Day is celebrated, heralding the birth of freedom and constitutional democracy.

The first free elections held in South Africa 20 years ago, in 1994, saw the election of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela ushering a new era of freedom built on mutual respect and the value of human dignity and equality. Mandela’s legacy resonates throughout the African continent and the world.

In view of this, President Michel emphasised that Freedom Day is also an occasion for all Africans to rejoice, as the continent moves closer to realising its dream of a fairer and more democratic Africa as inspired by the late Nelson Mandela.

President Michel noted that Seychelles and South Africa share excellent bilateral relations that continue to deepen, based on a shared determination to work towards the betterment of Africa with a common vision of freedom and equality for their respective people.

Although challenges remain, Freedom Day highlights the Republic of South Africa’s achievements over the last two decades. President Michel said “we must continue to strive to uphold the principles and ideals which our two countries strongly defend in order for the children of Africa to realise their true and full potential.”