Press release


August 1, 2011

President James Michel has called on all Seychellois athletes participating in the 8th Indian Ocean Island Games to give the best of themselves and show the best of their country to the participants of other island nations.

“ This is a historic occasion, not just for the athletes but for the entire Seychellois nation….Through the Games, the Seychelles nation becomes a window to the Indian Ocean; the best of ourselves, our way of life, unity, social cohesion, the way we work together, as nation who lives in peace and harmony, “ said the President, after the presentation of “Team Seychelles” at the International Conference Centre this morning.

“I wish our athletes the best of success and good luck. I ask them to give the best of themselves and  be victorious for themselves and for  Seychelles. They have trained hard, with much determination and effort, they have prepared themselves well. I am sure that they are ready today, at their  highest standard, to give their best for their country. Ale Sesel! Be victorious!”

The President said that the 2011 Games would show the Seychelles’ capacity and commitment to play its role in the Indian Ocean Community and foster closer relations between the island states.

“The people of the Indian Ocean will remain unified through culture and sport, so that the region becomes stronger, and by developing closer ties we will enrich our region in order to compete in this more globalised world. Our youth is building the future. Together, we are building Seychelles through the opportunities we give to the youth, together with hope for the future,” said the President.

During the presentation ceremony of “Team Seychelles,” the athletes of the twelve sporting disciplines modelled their new team sportswear, and presented the team officials, trainers and participating athletes, as well as songs and dances which will be used during the Games.