Press release

Government of Oman supports National Disaster Relief Fund

November 29, 2013

The National Disaster Relief Fund received a donation yesterday of US$1million that will go towards the financial assistance in helping those affected by the torrential rain and flooding disaster caused by Felleng cyclone at the beginning of this year. The donation was presented to the Chairperson of the National Disaster Relief Fund, Mrs Lekha Nair by the Designated Minister, Mr. Vincent Meriton, Chairman of the Taskforce Committee, after it was received from the Government of Oman.

“I would like to reiterate my appreciation for the good collaboration that exists between the NDRF and the Taskforce Committee in making sure that those re-constructions work that needs to be done after the disaster caused by cyclone Felleng are attended to and are progressing. The US$1million received from the Government of Oman will surely help us to address expenses that were on hold in view of the lack of finances. I would like to note that this money will not entertain new cases in view that all works listed are already over the budget. It is a pleasure to present this cheque to the Chairperson of NDRF and the Taskforce Committee is looking forward to continue the good working relations that we have started,” said Minister Meriton upon presenting the cheque.

The Designated Minister and Chairperson of the National Disaster Relief Fund expressed words of appreciation and gratitude for the donation to the Government of Oman through the representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“We wish to thank the Government of Oman for having responded favourably to our request and I think what we are witnessing today is a partnership and fraternity among two friendly countries. Through you we wish to express our gratitude to the Government of Oman,” said Minister Meriton.

Mrs. Nair reported that  the National Disaster Relief Fund collected SR57 Million with the cheque just received. She further highlighted that the Fund has so far spent about SR27 million and that there are SR15 million already committed.

“On behalf of the National Disaster Relief Fund, it gives me great pleasure to accept this cheque … Please convey our appreciation and sincere gratitude to the Government of Oman for this generous donation made to our Fund. This cheque has come at the right time where we are considering projects that we have shelved for lack of funds. We have about 15million rupees worth of projects which we could not do and this will greatly help in undertaking those projects. We are now trying to do projects of preventive in nature, mitigating disaster like drainage network in flood prone areas, helping families with retaining walls among others,” said Mrs. Nair.

The presentation of the cheque was done in the presence of the Principal Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Maurice Loustau-Lalanne, the Principal Secretary for Community Development and Sports,  Mr. Denis Rose, the Director General for International Relations, Ms. Michelle Murray and members of the National Disaster Relief Fund.