Press release

Government’s Reaction to the Interview of the Ukraine Foreign Affairs Minister on Food Security

July 1, 2022

Following the special online briefing on 23rd June 2022 by Mr. Dmytro Kuleba, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, with African journalists on how the Russian invasion has impacted food security on the African continent and his call for African states to exert pressure on Russia to allow a safe sea route for food exports, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tourism would like to communicate the following:

Global food insecurity has always been a subject of great concern to Seychelles and to the rest of Africa. The ongoing crisis in Ukraine as well as the COVID- 19 pandemic have been major contributing factors in escalating the food crisis worldwide. Russia and Ukraine are two of the world’s largest producers of wheat and fertilizers, and it is clear that the conflict in Ukraine is having a major impact on the shipment of these products to Africa, as well as on a great number of other countries.

Seychelles encourages the two parties to establish an immediate ceasefire which will enable the resumption of exports of wheat and other essential food products. The Seychelles Government is of the view that food security should not be a gambling tool as a result of conflicts.

Seychelles will also continue to support the efforts of the United Nations Organization in its role of bringing the two countries together in order to find a peaceful resolution to this conflict.