Press release

Handing Over of Donations under the Adopt A District Programme

January 23, 2024

With its commitment to foster community development, the ‘Adopt a District Programme’ continues to make a positive impact, as it reaches the districts of Ile Perseverance and Grand Anse Mahe. Launched during the Seychelles Honorary Consuls Conference in October 2022, this programme embodies the principles of unity, compassion, and partnership. It establishes a close connection between Seychelles’ Honorary Consuls and local communities across Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue, with a focus on addressing the specific challenges and visions of each of the 27 districts.

During the Handing Over Ceremony, held at Maison Quéau de Quinssy, on Tuesday 23 January 2024, the Director General for Consular and Diaspora Affairs, Ms. Myrna Hoareau expressed her appreciation to the Honorary Consuls “for their generous gestures and continued support towards the implementation of the Adopt a District Programme.

As part of the donations, the Ile Perseverance Primary School is set to receive eight (8) computers along with other Information Technology (IT) equipment, generously donated by the Honorary Consul General in Rome, Mr. Paolo Adelmann.

Meanwhile, the Seychelles Honorary Consuls in Croatia, Mrs. Sonja Udovicic and Northern Ireland, Mr. Paul Campbell — who were represented by our Honorary Consul in Mauritania, Mr. Ebe Babah — donated various kitchen equipment and utensils to the district of Grand Anse Mahe which will go towards the realisation of its ‘district cuisine ateliers’ project.

In acknowledgment of these commendable contributions, Mrs. Denise Clarisse, Director General for Community Affairs, congratulated the Honorary Consuls for their dedication to the well-being of the two districts.

We are optimistic about the ongoing collaboration between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tourism and the Ministry of Local Government and Community Affairs. To our Honorary Consuls and representatives, we extend our sincere gratitude. Your continued support and commitment are crucial as we invest in our youth and strive to enhance our districts,” she added.

Present in support of this initiative were Honourable Desheila Bastienne and Honourable Waven William, Members of the National Assembly for Ile Perseverance and Grand Anse Mahe respectively.