Press release

High Commissioner of India pays farewell visit to Secretary of State Faure

April 3, 2019

The High Commissioner of India to Seychelles, H.E. Dr. Ausaf Sayeed paid a farewell visit today to the Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs and of the Blue Economy, Ambassador Barry Faure at the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Ambassador Faure welcomed Dr. Sayeed at the Department and at the same time expressed his regret to this courtesy call being the last, in Dr. Sayeed’s capacity as High Commissioner of India for Seychelles.

“In your short tenure, barely two years, Seychelles has benefitted from so many projects from India and so many more are still unfolding. You have transformed the relationship between our two countries and brought it to a higher level” said Ambassador Faure, noting also the excellent relations that exist between the two leaders of both countries.

The High Commissioner reciprocated, stating that his tenure in Seychelles has been one of the most memorable in terms of contentment and quality of work.

“I am indeed pleased to have achieved so many projects during these past two years. As equally important to note, is the philosophy that we work with countries on equal terms irrespective of size and population. Seychelles is regarded as a maritime neighbor and we will continue to work together and consolidate our regional cooperation on our needs in terms of maritime security.

“As I move on to my new posting, my experience and memories of Seychelles will always remain in my heart” said Dr. Sayeed.