Press release

Hon. Kwame Acquah Appointment to FICAC Board

December 5, 2022

The Board of Directors of Fédération Internationale des Corps et Associations Consulaires (FICAC) also known as the World Federation of Consuls, upon the proposal of the President, Hon. Nikolaos K. Margaropoulos, appointed Hon. Kwame Acquah as one of four co-opted Directors on 22nd November 2022.

Hon. Nikolaos K. Margaropoulos strived for his current Board to ensure the inclusive representation of Honorary Consuls from across African, Asian and South American regions. His policy seeks to engage diverse talent, develop inclusive leadership, whilst fostering an innovative, courageous, and equitable FICAC culture.

Hon. Kwame Acquah said “I feel very privileged to take on this role at such an exciting time for our Association. The needs of FICAC and the stakeholders we often interact with are rapidly ever evolving. FICAC is handling this evolution with thoughtful and innovative ways which will benefit all FICAC stakeholders for years to come,” said Hon Kwame Acquah.

Hon. Kwame Acquah has served as the Honorary Consul of Seychelles to the Republic of Ghana for many years and was recently re-elected as the Executive Secretary to the Honorary Consular Corps of Ghana (HCCGH). The aim of the HCCGH has been to establish, on a local basis, an exemplary network of consuls who bridge, connect and unite together all the consuls in Ghana. Our goal is not only to share experiences but also to coordinate local efforts to consolidate and expand their rights, responsibilities, reliability, status, security, duties and obligations. The objectives of HCCGH are to deal with matters affecting the diplomatic, consular and international organisations of the network in Ghana; to provide means and opportunities for mutual acquaintance, friendship and social intercourse between all members; and to enable them (inter-alias) to provide a platform for effective communication with each other and the Ghanaian administration.

He joins an astute group of diplomats who form part of the current Executive Team of the HCCGH, namely; Hon. Dimitri Avraam (Honorary Consul of Belgium), Hon. Subhi Accad (Honorary Consul of Mexico), Hon. Felix Gomis (Honorary Consul of Cabo Verde), Hon. Hilton John Mitchel (Honorary Consul of Trinidad & Tobago), Hon. Ashok Mohinani (Honorary Consul of Uruguay), Hon. Isaac Osei Bonsu (Honorary Consul of Jamaica), Hon. Antonio Fernandes (Honorary Consul of Portugal) and Hon. S. Janbek Captan (Honorary Consul of Jordan).

As HCCGH Executive Secretary, Hon. Kwame Acquah uses his broad range of experience and expertise to specifically benefit the diplomatic community in Ghana. He is a vital resource often used effectively in organizing the administrative duties of the HCCGH, the advancement of economic, social and cultural development, both at the local, regional and international levels. To date, he has organised and participated in social impact initiatives such as the donation of PPEs and support to frontliners during the COVID-19 pandemic, tree planting exercises in Ghana’s urban cities and prepared a press campaign that highlighted the presence of several Honorary Consuls in the country. Future community projects include grassroots education advancement, road safety campaigns and clean water supply initiatives.

Prior to his role, he led RDFC Holdings (an accomplished Ghanaian Management Consultancy) to become one of West Africa’s most successful oil and gas market-entry organizations. He holds a Financial Times Non-Executive Director Diploma from the UK, an MA in Marketing Management from Middlesex University, and a BSc in Business Studies with a major in Marketing.

“Kwame’s long history of leadership, coupled with his experience advising global clients makes him an ideal person for this role. I look forward to working closely with Kwame to continue to ensure FICAC makes a positive impact for all stakeholders, including government delegates, our people, and society,” said Hon. Dimitri Avraam, Honorary Consul of Belgium to the Republic of Ghana and Dean of HCCGH.

In his new FICAC role, he will continue to drive a key FICAC focus on making an impact that matters in the communities in which it operates. This leadership appointment is part of a rigorous and comprehensive nomination and Board member ratification process that occurs every three years and includes all members of the FICAC Board.