Press release

Important Offices and Essential Services

April 9, 2020

1. Important Ministries, Departments, Divisions and agencies of Government and organ of State)

1.1 President’s Private Office;

1.2 Cabinet Office and Private Office of the Vice-President, Designated Minister and Ministers;

1.3 The National Assembly for any urgent sittings and meetings of the Assembly or any committees thereof;

1.4 The Judiciary for any urgent sittings or hearings;

1.5 Police Force of Seychelles;

1.6 Prison Service;

1.7 Department of Environment (forestry, anti-poaching and wildlife conservation);

1.8 Department of Information and Communication Technology;

1.9 Ministry for Family Affairs;

1.10 Ministry of Finance including Government’s treasury;

1.11 Central Bank of Seychelles;

1.12 Department of Risk and Disaster Management;

1.13 Seychelles People’s Defence Forces;

1.14 Department of Local Government including district administration service;

1.15 Seychelles Maritime Safety Authority;

1.16 Department of Health;

1.17 Agency for Social Protection;

1.18 Regional Coordination and Operation Centre;

1.19 Seychelles Port Authority; and

1.20 Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority.

Authorised officers from the said Ministries, Departments and agencies of Government and organs of State shall carry out their official or employment related duties.

2. Essential services

2.1 a service relating to the generation, supply or distribution of electricity;

2.2 any hospital, medical or health services;

2.3 a service relating to the supply or distribution of water;

2.4 a service relating to the management of sewage;

2.5 airport and port and marine services including civil aviation, customs, immigration, airline catering and loading, unloading and service of ships or aircrafts;

2.6 fire and rescue services;

2.7 a service relating to retail or distribution of pharmaceutical products and medical equipment;

2.8 wireless, telephone, internet and cable communication services;

2.9 meteorological service;

2.10 banking and insurances services;

2.11 service relating to retail, wholesale, distribution and supplies of, food and water;

2.12 service of manufacturing of essential commodities;

2.13 agricultural and food production, including licensed artisanal fishermen;

2.14 service of cargo and public transportation including inter-island air and sea transportation;

2.15 waste collection, disposal and management service;

2.16 petroleum and gas retail services;

2.17 storage, supply and distribution of petroleum and gas services;

2.18 security services of premises; 2.19 disaster management services;

2.20 print, audio and visual media or broadcasting services;

2.21 persons who provide care to other persons with disability, the elderly or who are otherwise vulnerable persons at public building or private residences;

2.22 veterinary services;

2.23 Food catering services; and

2.24 Funeral services