Press release

Inaugural Session of the Seychelles Foreign Affairs Forum (SEYFAF)

September 17, 2018

The inaugural session of the Seychelles Foreign Affairs Forum (SEYFAF) was held on 10th September 2018, in the Vice-President’s Conference Room as State House.

The SEYFAF has been set up by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), with the mandate of advising the Department on matters related to the Seychelles’ Foreign Policy, in line with President Danny Faure’s domestic policy credo of good governance, accountability and transparency.  

The Forum, whose members include academics, civil society and environmental experts, women rights advocate, the private sector and former Ambassadors, seeks to promote awareness and understanding of the Seychelles’ Foreign Policy, and to validate the definition and implementation of the said policy, especially through the implementation of the Department’s ‘Strategic Plan 2020’

Mr. Vincent Meriton, Vice-President and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Seychelles, delivered the opening address and expressed his conviction in those present that their expertise and experience will provide a unique opportunity for genuine discussion on the present day Foreign Policy. The Vice-President equally remarked that the “individual expertise will culminate into critical contributions that will further enrich our national and global participation”.

Following the Vice-President’s opening remarks, Ambassador Barry Faure, Secretary of State and Executive Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs chaired the first working session of the Forum where the terms of reference were discussed. Mrs. Rose-Mary Elizabeth, Women’s Rights Activist was elected as the co-chair.