Press release

Jack Ma donates COVID-19 medical equipment to African Union Member States

March 25, 2020

Seychelles, today, received its consignment of COVID-19 medical equipment from the Jack Ma Foundation.

This relief initiative was launched by the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, the Jack Ma Foundation, and Alibaba Foundation as part of actions towards implementation of the Africa joint continental strategy for COVID-19 led by the African Union (AU) through Africa Center for Disease Control (CDC).

The Seychelles, as all African states, received a medical support package consisting of masks, tests kits, PPEs and face shields.

Ambassador David Pierre, the Seychelles Ambassador in Addis Ababa, assisted in the prompt delivery of the medical supplies via a special Ethiopian Airline flight. Ethiopian Airline delivered the medical supplies to all AU member states, as part of their contribution to the fight against COVID-19 in Africa.

The Government of Seychelles expressed its gratitude to Jack Ma, CEO of Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation for this generous donation and to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia for its cooperation in this very important operation.