Press release

Joint Communique on the occasion of the State Visit to Mozambique of His Excellency Mr. Danny Faure, President of the Republic of Seychelles, 19 to 21 May 2019

May 30, 2019

At the invitation of H. E. Mr. Filipe Jacinto Nyusi, President of the Republic of Mozambique, H. E. Mr. Danny Faure, President of the Republic of Seychelles, undertook a State Visit to the Republic of Mozambique from 19 to 21 May 2019;

The visit took place as part of the two countries’ continued efforts in strengthening and deepening their shared bonds of solidarity, friendship and collaboration.

H. E. Mr. Danny Faure, was accompanied by a delegation composed of His Excellency Ambassador Maurice Loustau-Lalanne, Minister of Finance, Trade, Investment and Economic Planning; Mr. Franky Ally, Attorney General; Mrs. Aude Labeleine, Secretary of State for Presidential Affairs; Mr. Kishnan Labonte, Police Commissioner; Col. Micheal Rosette, Chief of Staff of the Seychelles Peoples Defence Forces (SPDF); H. E. Mrs. Marie-Antoinette Rose-Quatre, Seychelles High Commissioner accredited to the Republic of Mozambique; and Other High-Level Officials of the Republic of Seychelles;

As part of his visit, H. E. President Faure undertook a courtesy call on H. E. Hon. Verónica Nataniel Macamo Dlovo, Speaker of the National Assembly, where discussions took place on the importance of ensuring lasting peace through the respect of democracy and its different tiers. The Speaker further expressed the willingness of the Mozambican parliament to engage with the Seychelles National Assembly as a means to further support and strengthen bilateral ties;

H. E. President Faure also undertook visits to the Maputo Commercial Port, the Fisheries Museum, the Natural History Museum and the Maputo Combined Cycle Power Station;

During the official talks that ensued following the tête à tête, the two Heads of State exchanged views on the political, socio-economic and security situations in their respective countries, the Southern African region, the African continent and other regions of the world. They underscored the importance for the international community to keep true to sacrosanct international norms and principles as countries work together towards development and stability. This, they agreed, would ensure a prosperous region. The Heads of State therefore renewed their engagement to work together both at bilateral level and within multilateral platforms which the two countries form part of such as the South African Development Community (SADC), the African Union (AU), the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA), the Commonwealth and the United Nations (UN), in support of these values;

H. E. President Faure expressed regret for the human losses and damage to property following the cyclones Idai and Kennneth that devastated Mozambique. He further extended the support of the Seychelles people and Government towards the people and Government of the Republic of Mozambique in these trying times. The two Heads of State engaged on the impact of climate change and agreed to support a strong stance on climate issues;

H. E. President Nyusi informed his counterpart on the upcoming elections that are scheduled to take place on 15 October 2019 in Mozambique. H. E. President Faure wished the country well as he reiterated the importance of democracy and the respect to the electoral process as part and parcel of the construct of a stable society;

Bilateral talks on issues of mutual interest to the two countries also focused on:

Defence and Security

The two Heads of state underlined the need to increase collaborations in the fields of maritime security and defence cooperation. They noted increasing amounts of international maritime crimes that occur in the Mozambican and Seychelles waters. They also recalled the impact of maritime piracy had within the region and renewed their commitment to work together to curb this scourge. In these contexts, they acknowledged that it is time to advance and expand both countries’ relations in these sectors to a new level of strategic partnership that will include joint actions in an effort to curb occurrences of international maritime crime. In this same context, H. E. President Faure welcomed his counterpart to join the Regional Anti-Piracy Prosecution & Intelligence Coordination Centre (RAPPICC) located in Seychelles and Piracy Fusion Centre that is located in Madagascar;



The two countries recalled the genealogical footprint between Seychelles and Mozambique, where it is noted that some of the Seychelles ancestors left Mozambican shores as slaves in the colonial era. The cultural and heritage aspects that go as far as the genetic bonds between the two peoples were therefore appreciated by the two Presidents. They agreed in the development of the Cultural Sector which will bring the two nations closer;



The tourism sector was identified as an area with a wide array of potential for cooperation. It was proposed that relevant line Ministries undertake consultations so as to identify concrete areas of collaboration that would include exchanges in expertise, policies and know-how; the training of Mozambican students at the Seychelles Tourism Academy; and the construct of a two-centre tourist destination;



The two Heads of State had an in-depth discussion on the means to develop the fisheries sector. They noted with much anticipation, the vast amount of collective maritime territories that they possess and agreed that the relevant Authorities of the two countries undertake further discussions in an effort to chart a plan of action on activities that will constitute Seychelles-Mozambique cooperation in the field of Fisheries. The two Heads of State agreed that experts from their respective countries negotiate the conclusion of a MoU in the Fisheries Sector;

Minerals and Energy

The potential in collaborating in the fields of minerals and energy was ardently debated. It was agreed that the two sides engage further in the development of this sector. The two Heads of State agreed to the potential of Seychelles and Mozambique working together in the areas of production, movement of minerals and gas between each other, and for export within the region. This, it was believed, would add another means through which diversification and economic growth could yield win-win collaboration;

Transport and Communication

The potential in the development of collaboration in the fields of transport and communication was underscored. It was agreed that the Air Services Agreement between Seychelles and Mozambique will further enhance and ensure the provision of conducive environment for flights between the two countries to take place. It was also noted that the two countries could benefit from linking the continent to other parts of the world in view of being geographically well located between both the East and Western parts of the globe;

Blue Economy

H. E. President Nyusi expressed his satisfaction at H. E. President Faure for accepting to participate at the upcoming “Crescendo Azul” (Growing Blue) Conference, which will take place from 23 to 24 May 2019. The two Heads of State stressed on the need to ensure that the region elevate works towards the development of the Blue Economy. It was agreed that the experts from the two countries work closer together in this regard;

Trade and Commerce

The two Heads of state also noted the need to increase the levels of trade between Seychelles and Mozambique. They agreed that Authorities from the fields of trade, commerce and industry undertake talks in an effort to find means to enhance movement of goods to each others’ shores, and to the rest of the world;

Agriculture and food security

The field of agriculture and food security was noted as instrumental for the achievement of a progressive and stable society. It was agreed that the experts from the two sides work together in an effort to find areas of synergy within this sector;

At the conclusion of the bilateral talks the following Agreements were signed:


  1. General Cooperation Agreement between the Republic of Seychelles and the Republic of Mozambique;
  2. Air Services Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Seychelles and the Government of the Republic of Mozambique; and
  3. Cooperation Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Seychelles and the Republic of Mozambique in the field of Security and Public Order;

H. E. President Danny Faure thanked H. E. President Filipe Nyusi for the warm welcome and hospitality extended to him and his delegation since arriving in Mozambique. H. E. President Filipe Nyusi extended his appreciation to his counterpart for all progress made thus far and the renewed impetus that this state visit has set on the development and elevation of the Seychelles-Mozambique bilateral relations. Both Heads of State acknowledged that this state visit represents a renewal for the well-cemented bonds that exist between Seychelles and Mozambique as they envisaged the elevation of same to event greater heights.