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Joint Press release : Seychelles hosts the first APRM revitalisation workshop.

August 8, 2023

Seychelles, the 40th African Union member state to accede to the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM), is hosting a two-day workshop to engage stakeholders by providing guidance on the implementation of the APRM Process in the country. The workshop, kick-started today at the Savoy Resort & Spa, aims at empowering and re-energising APRM countries in implementing their national governance review process since the accession to the mechanism.

In his opening remarks, Minister Radegonde emphasised the crucial role of the APRM in promoting good governance, democracy and socio-economic development in Africa. “The APRM is an initiative that embodies the African Union’s commitment to promoting sustainable development, peace and security on the African continent.” He pointed out that the APRM is a platform for sharing experiences, best practices, and lessons learned among African nations. “It is through these exchanges that we can learn from each other and develop African solutions to African problems”.

On behalf of the APRM CEO, Prof. Eddy Makola, the Director of Country Review and Assessment, Dr. Rachel Mukamunana, highlighted the following: “Our objectives for this workshop are clear and purposeful. First and foremost, we aim to reiterate the important role of APRM structures and processes.”

The two-day workshop is designed as a platform for experience sharing and peer learning and will see the participation of representatives from twenty-three countries, all aiming to work together to foster good governance, political stability and economic growth across Africa.

The workshop will be followed by courtesy calls to Seychelles authorities. The purpose of these visits, led by Prof Eddy Maloka, CEO of APRM, is to revive the APRM process in Seychelles. The APRM, through these engagements, wishes also to renew its support to the Republic of Seychelles as the country gears itself towards establishing its national structures to kick start the APRM Process.

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About APRM:

The African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) is an initiative of the African Union that aims to foster good governance, political stability, and economic growth across the African continent. Through voluntary assessments, peer learning, and mutual accountability, the APRM empowers participating countries to address governance challenges and promote sustainable development.