Press release

Joint Secretary of the Republic of India makes courtesy call to PS Confait

January 24, 2020

The new Joint Secretary of the Indian Ocean Region of the Republic of India, H.E Mr. Amit Narang, paid a courtesy call to the Principal Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Marina Confait, at Maison Quéau de Quinssy.

Dr. Confait congratulated the Joint Secretary on his new appointment and expressed the Government’s appreciation for the strong relations between Seychelles and India.

“Excellency, your visit is opportune, as there a lot of projects in Seychelles, either on-going or completed. You will get the chance to see the projects coming to fruition when visiting sites on Praslin and La Digue,” conveyed Dr.Confait.

Dr. Confait further stated: “I would like to convey our thanks to the Government of India for all they have done for Seychelles, with the grants and loans they have accorded. These grants and loans help Seychelles in the development of its people and it directly touches the community, thus improving the quality of life.”

On his part, H.E Amit Narang highlighted that “My visit transits in the context of a recent reorganisation in the ministry. I am here to familiarise myself with the landscape of our cooperation and also to convey our high level political commitment for a strong bilateral relations with India and Seychelles. Ours is a destined relationship, built on historic and ethnic bonds. The sheer location of Seychelles in the Indian Ocean makes it a very important partner for India. My intention also is to talk to you and Seychelles leadership, to understand how we can better support Seychelles in its own national priority. That will be the modern focus for us moving forward.”

The parties also discussed joint cooperation in the field of defence, in particular the MoU on Defence Cooperation dating back to 2003. This MoU is presently being renewed, so as to reflect the present day activities of the SPDF. Following that, Dr.Confait also acknowledged and thanked the Indian delegation for their contribution in the capacity building of a number of Seychellois who have benefitted from short and long-term courses in India over the years.