Press release


July 24, 2010

President James Michel has called on the young athletes going to the Indian Ocean Youth Games to makes Seychelles proud and become an example to young people in the Indian Ocean.

“Your participation in the games shows your personal commitment to sport. It also once again shows the commitment of the government and people of Seychelles to ensure the health and well-being of our youth, a generation which we can count on to create a better future,” said President Michel to the young people at a sending off ceremony on Friday.

“Opportunities and facilities can be given to you in abundance, but you are the ones who need to have the desire, the passion and the conviction for you to succeed. Everything comes from you, from inside yourself.”

The President said that the government would continue to create more opportunities for the youth, as the pride and future of the nation.

” The capital and resources we have invested in this sector of the population is giving positive results in many areas: education, industry, information technology, economic activity and of course in art, culture and sport. The success of our young athletes on the international scene in recent months gives us reason to be proud, and hope that our performance at the CJSOI Games next week will be of a high standard.”

The President also noted that the games provide an opportunity for the youth to exhibit both sporting and cultural talent, as well as social exchanges.

The games are organized by the Indian Ocean Youth and Sport Commission (Commission la Jeunesse et Sport l’Océan Indien) and the 7th CJSOI Games will take place in Reunion.