Press release

Message from President Faure on the occasion of Commonwealth Day

March 11, 2019

President Danny Faure has today transmitted a message on the occasion of Commonwealth Day 2019 where he said:

“Today, as we join the Commonwealth family in celebrating Commonwealth Day, it reminds us of the importance of solid ties among nations. As we become increasingly inextricably interlinked, these connections afford us the opportunity to contribute positively towards a more responsible and united global community. 

In line with this, the theme of this year’s Commonwealth Day is “A Connected Commonwealth,” highlighting the collective commitment of Commonwealth nations to nourish our partnerships and forge a unified future together. 

Seychelles’ geographical remoteness has long taught us the importance of collaboration and connections, and the Commonwealth, as a great connector of populations, has allowed us to forge deeper relationships with its 52 other member states and their 2.4 billion citizens. 

We deeply appreciate the support that the Commonwealth Secretariat and Commonwealth-accredited organisations continue to provide. Their technical assistance and advocacy in the fields of climate change, the blue economy, environmental conservation, youth empowerment, sports, education, health, the rule of law and many more have contributed greatly to the socio-economic development of Seychelles. We are in turn delighted to be able to share our unique perspective, experiences and initiatives with other members of the Commonwealth.

2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the modern Commonwealth, and I call on all of us to renew our commitment to the core principles and values of the Commonwealth Charter. 

We also look forward to the 26th Meeting of the Commonwealth Heads of Government next year in Rwanda where the big Commonwealth family will come together again – this time on the African continent. 

On this day, Seychelles joins members of the Commonwealth family around the world to celebrate Commonwealth Day. I encourage every citizen to learn more about the shared history and values that connect the people of the Commonwealth around the world”.