Press release

Message from the Department of Foreign Affairs

January 10, 2019


The Department of Foreign Affairs received in the late hour of yesterday a police report confirming that its Director General for Human Resources, Budget Management and Administration has been arrested and detained by the Seychelles Police upon reasonable grounds of having committed alleged offences of trafficking in persons and uttering false documents and that upon his production before the Court as suspect he will be held in Police custody until 18th January, 2019, to permit the Police to carry out its investigation in the alleged offences.

The Department further confirms that at all times during the Police investigation it has fully cooperated with the Police.

The Department denounces all acts of trafficking in persons and falsification of documents and on the basis of the said Police report it is considering the institution of disciplinary proceedings against the said public officer.

The Department feels that such illegal practices go entirely against the work ethics of government and any public officer who commits such offences has no place to work in this respectable institution.