Press release

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Tourism holds bilateral talks with Cuban Counterpart

February 1, 2024

During his official visit to Cuba, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Tourism of Seychelles, Mr. Sylvestre Radegonde, held bilateral talks with his counterpart, Mr. Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, on Wednesday, 31st January 2024. The meeting allowed the two Ministers to reaffirm their commitment to the strengthening of the longstanding partnership between the Seychelles and Cuba based on shared values, mutual respect, and understanding.

Minister Radegonde conveyed that Seychelles values the robust collaboration that the two countries share in the areas of health and education, expressing particular appreciation for the contributions of the Cuban Medical Brigade to its healthcare system. “We greatly appreciate the valuable support you have provided to Seychelles during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the constraints, your assistance through the deployment of the Cuban Medical Brigade has been instrumental in our battle against the pandemic. We look forward to the continuation of this fruitful collaboration in the years to come, which we are confident will further strengthen the relationship between our nations”.

He also reiterated that Seychelles’ position regarding the commercial and financial embargo imposed on Cuba by the United States and renewed the call to end it.

Minister Rodriguez Parrilla conveyed his gratitude for the invaluable support that Seychelles has provided on the international stage. In recognition of President Ramkalawan’s address at the G77 and China Summit, which referred to the US blockade, Minister Parrilla expressed his admiration for Seychelles’ unwavering solidarity with Cuba. Additionally, he conveyed his country’s keen interest in fostering bilateral exchanges in key sectors such as tourism and sports, with the unwavering intent of mutually benefiting from each other’s experiences and expertise.

Both sides expressed optimism regarding the future of their bilateral ties and committed to working closely together in the spirit of friendship and cooperation.

Minister Radegonde has extended an invitation to the Cuban Foreign Minister to visit Seychelles.