Press release

Minister for Foreign Affairs engages with Mayor of Guangzhou to deepen ties

October 16, 2014

During his working visit in the People’s Republic of China (PRC), Minister for Foreign Affairs Jean-Paul Adam met with Mr Chen Jianhua, Mayor of Guangzhou, and his delegation where the historical ties and the special relationship between the Chinese Province of Guangdong and Seychelles were highlighted.

Minister Adam noted that Seychelles is celebrating 150 years of Chinese presence in the country which not only demonstrates the firm bonds of friendship that exists between the two countries, but moreover underscores the unparalleled contribution that the Chinese community, particularly from the Guangdong area have played in the social and economic life of Seychelles.

On his part, the Mayor recognised the special relationship between the PRC, the Province of Guangdong and Seychelles noting the significance 150 years of Chinese migration to Seychelles and expressed his desire to further reinforce this bond and that the city of Guangzhou would fully engage with Seychelles. In addition, Mr Jianhua noted that the city of Guangzhou had already dispatched fifty-five volunteers to Seychelles to assist in different organisations throughout the country.

Mayor Jianhua informed Minister Adam of a proposal to send a high level delegation with the leaders of Guangzhou Communist youth league to engage with Seychellois youth and pledged a 2000000 Chinese Yuan (approximately 4500000 Seychelles Rupees) donation towards the construction of a Guangzhou garden section in the Seychelles Botanical Gardens.