Press release

Minister for Foreign Affairs holds discussion with Cuban counterpart

November 28, 2013

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jean-Paul Adam met with, His Excellency Bruno Parrilla, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba at Maison Queau de Quincy yesterday. H.E. M.r Parilla was in Seychelles on a an official visit as part of his tour of African countries.

The Cuban Foreign Minister’s visit to Seychelles is testament to an enduring partnership and friendly relations exemplified by 35 years of Seychellois-Cuban bilateral relations.

Minister Adam stated that we share a “unique opportunity to explore potential avenues to further enhance our bilateral ties and that these ties continue to be strengthened by the many instances of positive collaboration in the areas of health, education, sports, culture and environment.”

In addition, Minister Adam noted that Cuba and Seychelles had forged exemplary leadership on the subjects of climate change and sustainable development.  He further noted that the Blue Economy offered an opportunity for all island states to reinforce their development potential in the context of the Post 2015 development agenda.  The two ministers also exchanged views on United Nations reform so as to promote joint efforts in the establishment of a new international order promoting long-term-peace and common prosperity for all.

H.E. Mr. Parrilla, indicated that Cuba is sympathetic towards a Seychelles bid for a non-permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council and wished Seychelles well in its discussions to reach consensus within the African Union.

Also present at the discussions was Minister for Health, Mitcy Larue, who stressed the importance of Cuba’s investment in our local health industry, which has enabled the Seychelles to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. The Cuban medical professionals in Seychelles have traditionally been instrumental in ensuring the well-being of the Seychellois people.