Press release

Minister Morgan engages Philippines Ambassador prior to upcoming Joint Committee Meeting

August 11, 2015

Ambassador of the Republic of the Philippines to the Republic of Seychelles, Mr Bayani V. Mangibin met with the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Transport, Mr Joël Morgan, the Secretary of State for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Barry Faure and with the Principal Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Maurice Loustau-Lalanne at Maison Maison Quéau de Quinssy yesterday, to discuss avenues of bilateral cooperation and to promote closer ties. The Filipino Ambassador is based in Nairobi, Kenya 

The governing reason for Ambassador Mangibin’s visit was to discuss the upcoming 2nd Joint Committee Meeting (JCM), to take place in Manila in November 2015 as well as to extend on behalf of his Government, congratulations to Minister Morgan on his recent appointment as Foreign Minister.

It follows the 1st Joint Committee Meeting that was held Victoria in October 2013 in Victoria.

Currently Seychelles and the Philippines are negotiating a number of Memoranda of Understanding, hoped to be discussed further during or concluded at the 2nd JCM.

In acknowledging the many commonalities that both countries share, both sides agreed to continue working together towards strengthening cooperation across areas such as labour, trade, health, tourism and culture, air services, agriculture, and disaster risk management.

Minister Morgan took the opportunity to express appreciation for the valuable contribution of the Filipino community towards Seychelles’ socio-economic development, with a significant number of Filipinos working in areas such as fisheries, tourism and hospitality, health and caregiving. He also took note of some important initiatives taken by the Filipino community including the “Couples for Christ” movement. “Filipinos have integrated into Seychellois society and have now become a viable catalyst for the development- both social and economic, of this island nation,” said Minister Morgan.