Press release

Minister Radegonde and High Commissioner Lynch pay a special visit to “Princess” at State House

March 9, 2021

Minister Radegonde and the UK High Commissioner H.E Mr. Patrick Lynch, today paid a very special visit to “Princess” at State House.

As most Seychellois will recall, Princess is the name of the once prestigious Official State vehicle. Built in 1950 by British Motors Corporation, Princess was brought here during the later period of the British Colonial era. It was used by the last two governors and during the Queen’s visit to Seychelles in the early 1970s.

It was last restored in 2006 by Seychelles’ former Honorary Consul in Italy, Mr Graziano Luigi Triboldi.

Mr. Triboldi took the car to Italy in December 2005, where a reputed collection car restoration firm, Carrozzerai Ravani Collection Car of Soresina, invested 400 hours of repair work on Princess.

Sadly, the once renown Princess is today in dire need of repair and it has piqued the interest of both Minister Radegonde and High Commissioner Lynch, on the possibility of once again having it restored to its former glory.