Press release

Minister Sinon leads Seychelles delegation to the Asia-Africa Agricultural Forum in New Delhi

February 14, 2014

Minister for Natural Resources, Peter Sinon headed a delegation at the Asia – Africa agribusiness Forum from the 4th to 6th February 2014 in New Delhi, India.

The forum provided for a platform for key stakeholders in the agricultural sectors of both the Indian subcontinent and Africa to deliberate on issues pertaining to the sector and its component in Agribusiness.

Asia and Africa are two continents with vast potential for agricultural development. As such, enhancing the continents capacity in agriculture and food production, processing, trading, financing, market accessibility and development of new markets were some of the topics at the broached at the forum

In addition, consultations were held with financial institutions such as Exim Bank of India, and public-private partnerships were encouraged to promote growth of the agribusiness

Minister Sinon and his delegation visited the ‘Indian Agricultural Research Institute with a view to establish and deepen cooperation in agricultural development between Seychelles and India.

During the visit, Minister Peter Sinon and his delegation accompanied Vice President Danny Faure, to the Amity University, where discussions centered on different areas of collaboration Seychelles and the University. A special convocation was held, to honour Vice President Faure who was conferred with an honorary doctorate for work accomplished in Education, finance and good governance.

Minister Peter Sinon was accompanied by Seychelles resident High Commissioner to the Republic of India, Waven William, Marc Naiken, CEO of Seychelles Agricultural Agency, Annie Vidot, CEO of the Development Bank of Seychelles and Gilbert Port Louis of SAA.



Editor’s Note:-

Whilst India has experienced the ‘Green Revolution’, Africa is only in the process of developing its ‘Comprehensive Agricultural Development Programme’ (CAADP) at this juncture. Seychelles signed the CAADP Compact in September 2011, in her effort to revive the agricultural sector. It has already adopted the ‘National Food & Nutrition Security Policy’ and is working on its ‘Seychelles National Agricultural Investment Programme’ (SNAIP). It is with the aforementioned background that the Seychelles delegation approached the Africa-Asia forum. A number of ‘Business to Business’ sessions were held with many suppliers of different services and inputs. They all offered to provide their services that could facilitate and enhance the cooperation we are developing with India.