Press release

Minister Sylvestre Radegonde delivers keynote speech at IOC SIDS4 side event

June 2, 2024

In his role as the President of the Council of Ministers of the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC), Minister Radegonde delivered a keynote address at the IOC’s side event, at the SIDS4 conference. This event focused on addressing health and climate risks prevalent in Western Indian Ocean Island States. Minister Radegonde highlighted the implications of climate change, emphasising its dual threat to the planet and public health.

His address underscored the importance of adopting a comprehensive approach to safeguarding human and ecosystem well-being, with a specific emphasis on the WHO One Health concept. This approach offers a unified framework to address the interconnected challenges posed by climate change and health risks.

Minister Radegonde also took the opportunity to share the IOC’s efforts in promoting regional health initiatives, notably through the ‘Sega One Health’ project – an initiative that centers on epidemiological surveillance and alerts.

Furthermore, Minister Joubert, also in attendance, contributed to the event’s discourse by participating in a panel discussion focused on accelerating the implementation of ABAS (A Renewed Declaration for Resilient Prosperity).