Press release

Minister Sylvestre Radegonde receives the U.S. Resident Counsellor for Seychelles

January 17, 2023

Mr. Sylvestre Radegonde, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Tourism, received Mr. James Donegan, the U.S. Resident Counsellor for Seychelles, on Tuesday 17th January 2023 at Maison Quéau de Quinssy.

Mr. Donegan arrived in Seychelles in December last year to take up his post as the U.S. Counsellor for Seychelles with the responsibility of coordinating the diplomatic, economic, and security-related policy priorities shared by the U.S. and Seychelles Governments. Mr. Donegan’s presence is the first step taken by the U.S. Government in establishing a more permanent presence in Victoria.

During the meeting, Minister Radegonde remarked, “Your presence demonstrates the readiness of the United States of America to reinforce bilateral ties and identify new avenues for cooperation with Seychelles.”

Among the key issues discussed were the outcomes of the U.S.- Africa Leaders Summit, which was held in December 2022, and Small Island Developing States (SIDS) related issues.  Minister Radegonde seized the opportunity to request the support of the U.S. Government for the adoption and implementation of a Multidimensional Vulnerability Index (MVI) which would allow for SIDS to be assessed based on their vulnerabilities and hence, access concessional financing for their development needs.  The U.S. Counsellor reassured the Minister that one of his functions here in Seychelles is to ensure that as a SIDS, Seychelles benefits from the various pledges made by the U.S.

The Seychelles Foreign Affairs and Tourism Minister also acknowledged the vital role that the U.S. Government is playing in the field of maritime security of Seychelles and reassured Mr. Donegan that the Seychelles Government remains committed to working closely with the U.S. Government in that regard.

The two sides also identified core areas of importance where both countries can collaborate bilaterally and on the international front.

The Office of Mr. Donegan is based at the Oliajee Trade Centre in Victoria.

Also present at the meeting were Ambassador Vivianne Fock Tave, Principal Secretary of the Foreign Affairs Department, Ambassador Ian Madeleine, Seychelles’ Ambassador to the U.S. and Permanent Representative to the United Nations, and other senior officials of the Foreign Affairs Department.