Press release

Ministry Explores Local Council for World Affairs

April 19, 2013

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs is exploring the establishment of Seychelles based think-tanks and associations dedicated to the country’s engagement in world affairs, following the participation of a Seychelles delegation in the 4th Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA) Conference in New Delhi last month.

A delegation consisting of Seychelles Resident High Commissioner to Indian, Mr. Waven William and Ambassador Noellie Alexander were invited to participate in the debates on geo-politics and key foreign affairs issues, and discuss possible solutions.

“It is absolutely essential that we as a nation help create a platform for the debate and evaluation of issues essential to our engagement with the international community,” said the Seychelles Foreign Minister, Mr. Jean-Paul Adam.

“We must strive to best utilise the wealth of experience and skill we have at our disposal, such as the vast knowledge and perspective that can be offered by our very own academics and diplomatic alumni like Ambassador Noellie Alexander.”

The Minister, who led a piracy discussion group with the ICWA during his visit to India in February last year, added that such organisations had a key role to play in advising the government on important strategies and policy decisions.

Minister Adam added that he would be working with local professional, former diplomats, researchers and academics to consider establishing a local council of world affairs.