Press release

Ministry of Finance, Trade and the Blue Economy welcomes Hunt Deltel launch of new Indian Ocean shipping route

February 13, 2015

New trade routes are critical for development of the Blue Economy- Jean-Paul Adam, Minister of Finance, Trade and the Blue Economy has stated following the launch last week of Hunt Deltel’s new Maersk Indian Ocean shipping service.

The new service will drastically shorten cargo shipment times both in terms of imports into Seychelles, and exports out of the country.? In many cases, the shipment times will be halved.

?This new service brings us closer to our Indian Ocean neighbours- but it also brings the whole world closer, as we now have better connectivity most of our key markets?, the Minister stated in his remarks at the event organized by Hunt Deltel at Eden Bleu hotel.

Speaking on behalf of the Government at the launch event, the Minister emphasized that as he was taking on this new portfolio, the government was re-affirming its commitment to work closely with the private sector to create sustainable and inclusive growth.

He noted that the new Indian Ocean service would allow the Seychelles Trading Company to source products from more markets, to help reduce the cost of living and also create more opportunities for Seychellois retailers.? The service would also be a boost for Seychelles? fisheries exports, while also creating a much better platform for the possibility of future export products.

Hunt, Deltel & Co. Ltd was formed in 1937 and is a Seychelles registered and owned company, with an extensive portfolio of activities, with particular emphasis in shipping and service related fields. The services include: Shipping & Port Operations, Transport & Shore Handling, Marine Claims & Surveys, Yacht Agency, Freight Forwarding & Clearing, Airfreight, DHL International Courier Service, Vehicle Distribution, Trademark & Patent Registration, Eden Island Marina.

Editors Notes:

  • The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Transport will temporarily be issuing communications on behalf of the Ministry of Finance, Trade and the Blue Economy.