Press release

Ministry of Foreign Affairs updates families on situation of detained Seychellois in Egypt

October 30, 2013

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs briefed the families of the Seychellois currently in imprisonment in Qena, in the Arab Republic of Egypt at Maison Queau de Quincy.

Minister Jean Paul Adam who led the discussions, gave his assurances that the Government was using all means available to ensure that the prisoners are treated with dignity and that the Egyptian authorities respect the legal rights that are owed to the detained.

Dr. Mahmoud Moussa. Consul General Designate of the Republic of Seychelles in Egypt has been tasked with providing legal aid and additional support to the men. Furthermore, through official channels, Dr. Moussa will work to establish a viable communication link between the detainees and their families in Seychelles.  Thus far, it has been difficult to maintain constant contact with the Seychellois because of the ongoing security constraints in Egypt.

The decision on the appeal of the Seychellois, which was to be given on the 3rd of October, has now been postponed to January of 2014. Nonetheless, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Government of the Republic of Seychelles remain hopeful that a less severe sentence will be imposed in the final judgement of the appeals proceedings. In the interim, the families of the detained, have asked the Ministry to convey to the press and all other parties a request to respect their right to privacy, and have also asked that pictures of the detainees not be published constantly as this causes further anguish to the families.