Press release

More Seychelles Honorary Consuls contribute to the COVID-19 Relief Fund

February 2, 2021

The Foreign Affairs Department is pleased to announce that more Seychelles Honorary Consuls are coming forward to pledge solidarity with Seychelles, in this time of Public Health Emergency, in contributing to the COVID-19 Relief Fund.

In addition to the eight Honorary Consuls acknowledged last week for their donations, the following Seychelles Honorary Consuls have also contributed generously, with over SR3.4 million so far:

  1. Mr. Maxim Behar, Honorary Consul General – Bulgaria;

  2. Mr. Jacques Mortelman, Honorary Consul – Brussels, Belgium;

  3. Mr. Gustaaf Van der Bonne, Honorary Consul – Antwerps, Belgium;

  4. Mr. Rached Trimeche, Honorary Consul – Tunisia;

  5. Mr. Max Hunzinger, Honorary Consul General – Berlin, Germany;

  6. Mr. Nikolaus Fuchs, Honorary Consul – Frankfurt, Germany;

  7. Mrs. Carmen Trullenque, Honorary Consul – Valencia, Spain;

  8. Mr. Shane Hensinger, Designate Honorary Consul, California, USA;

  9. Mr. Jimmy Butt, Honorary Consul General – Zambia;

  10. Mr. Laszlo Kiss, Honorary Consul General, Hungary;

  11. Mrs. Jana Stefankova, Honorary Consul – Czech Republic;

  12. Mrs Diane Chen, Honorary Consul General, Hong Kong, China;

  13. Mr. Sydney To, Ag Consul General, Shanghai, China; and

  14. EDEN Group of Honorary Consuls (Bangladesh, Bulgaria, France, Hungary, Israel, Jordan, Malta, Pakistan, Slovakia and Slovenia).

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Tourism, Mr. Sylvestre Radegonde has commended all the Seychelles Honorary Consuls for their solidarity with the people of Seychelles during these challenging times.