Press release

Nelson Mandela Inspired the World: Seychelles Mourns Passing of An Icon of Our Age

December 6, 2013

On behalf of the people and Government Seychelles, President James Michel has expressed most profound and heartfelt sympathies to the people of South Africa following the passing of President Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, in a letter to the South African President Jacob Zuma.

President Michel described him as an ‘icon of our age’ and noted that the ‘Seychellois people mourn a man who had been an inspiration to many generations.’

“He has inspired the world to believe that even in the face of unspeakable evil as represented by Apartheid, the spirit of freedom, equality and common humanity will prevail,” said the President.

President Michel remarked that in Seychelles, our own liberation movement that took shape from 1964, situated itself within President Mandela’s vision of independent African nations, based on liberty and justice and freedom from racial oppression.

He added that, “President Mandela’s passing is reminder that the future of all our nations lies in building states around values of tolerance, compassion and mutual understanding.”

President Michel surmised Mandela’s legacy as man who built bridges no matter how great the divide across the chasm and in his message noted:

“His long walk to freedom is one which has redefined our definition of what it means to be free.  He has reminded us, that the end of oppression is but the start of a journey of peace and reconciliation.”

The President has decreed 3 days of national mourning in the memory of Nelson Mandela, which starts from noon today and ends noon on Monday.