Press release

New Japanese Ambassador to Seychelles accredited

July 12, 2016

The new Japanese Ambassador to Seychelles, HE. Mr. Toshitsugu Uesawa, presented his credentials to President James Michel this morning.

President Michel congratulated Ambassador Uesawa on his accreditation, and reaffirmed the excellent relations between the two countries.

The President and the Japanese Ambassador discussed cooperation in the Blue Economy, hydrocarbons exploration, air services, maritime security, among other issues.

“We do have a lot of areas that we can cooperate…fisheries is the most important area. In fact Japan has given the construction of the Providence Fishing Port and also with the request of the Government of Seychelles, the expansion plan is underway… Japan is fully pledged to support this area… The Japan-Seychelles alliance is also very important in the international agenda. Seychelles and Japan are strategic partners,” said Ambassador Uesawa to the national media, following the accreditation ceremony.

He added that Japan has decided to assist Seychelles in the protection of coastal areas, in terms of preventing coastal erosion.

Ambassador Uesawa also spoke to the President about the upcoming Tokyo International Conference of Africa’s Development (TICAD VI) meeting in Nairobi in August.

Ambassador Toshitsugu Uesawa is based in Nairobi.