Press release

Notice: Contact details of Diaspora Unit

July 1, 2021

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tourism – Foreign Affairs Department – of the Republic of Seychelles would like to inform that it has established the following email address and hotline for the Diaspora Unit of the Department:

Email address:


Diaspora Hotline:  +2482727077

The Diaspora Unit is responsible to engage and interact with Seychelles’ nationals living abroad by facilitating their queries and providing them with necessary guidance, in connecting further with their homeland.  The Unit recognizes the important role the Seychelles nationals living overseas can play in the socio-economic development of the country.

The Department would furthermore like to inform that all Seychellois citizens residing abroad who wish to submit their contact details through the diaspora e-registration available on the Department’s website,  are encouraged to do so.

This e-registration will enable the Diaspora Unit to collect and collate data on Seychellois diaspora individuals living across the world, in line with the principle of information confidentiality, with the view of creating a resource pool from the diaspora in terms of expertise and knowledge which could eventually support national socio-economic, cultural and political development of the country.

For further details please contact the Foreign Affairs Department.