Press release

Only through solidarity can we protect our environment and combat climate says Foreign Minister at UN Summit side event

September 28, 2015

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Transport of the Republic of Seychelles, Mr Joel Morgan has addressed the United Nations Summit for the adoption of the post-2015 Development Agenda specifically in the interactive Dialogue 4 side event entitled “Protecting our planet and combatting climate change.”

Addressing the Summit. Minister Morgan remarked that the adoption of a transformative post 2015 development Agenda is a colossal milestone towards improving the livelihoods of people the world over. Minister Morgan stressed to a crowded hall the existential threat that climate change posed to humanity and that the phenomenon does not discern between richer and poorer states affecting all equally. In particular he drew on the experiences of Seychelles and other small island states which bore the brunt of the adverse effects of a changing climate.

The Seychelles Foreign Minister emphasised the importance of obtaining a comprehensive result at the upcoming Paris Conference (COP21) to achieve a legally binding document which would not only assure the sustainable development of the planet but would also preserve it for future generations.

Outlining Seychelles’ further objectives at the Paris Conference Minister Morgan opined that “in addition to addressing mitigation, adaptation, technology transfer, the 2015 Agreement must also ensure and give permanence to loss and damage compensation.”

Minister Morgan called on developed nations who are net contributors to climate change to mobilise the vast resources at their disposal to support climate mitigation and adaptation projects in less wealthy states that directly feel the impact of a changing climate.

In conclusion, Minister Morgan spoke of the Blue Economy and the potential that it provides especially in the case of Seychelles with limited terrain but expansive maritime spaces. “Through the Blue Economy approach, we can harness untapped resources that strengthen our sustainable development process, whilst establishing best practices that reduce risks to our natural environment,” said Minister Morgan.