Press release

Opening of the Seychelles-Vietnam Business Forum

August 31, 2013

President James Michel attended the official opening of the Vietnam – Seychelles Business Forum under the theme ‘Fostering Economic Partnership” at the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, organized by the Seychelles non-resident ambassador to Vietnam, Mr. Philippe Le Gall, the Seychelles Investment Board, the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry  (VCCI) and the Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI).

The forum was aimed at providing the business community from both Seychelles and Vietnam with adequate information to explore opportunities for investment in such areas as tourism, fisheries and trade.  The business, regulatory and legal framework as well as the environment and economic conditions were also discussed.

The Seychelles Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr. Jean-Paul Adam, highlighted the reasons for this forum and the unique opportunities that both Seychelles and Vietnam will be able to gain.

“We are two nations that defend our unique specificities while being open to world trade by harnessing globalization as a force for development. We are two nations that believe in investing in our human resource development as a basis for economic growth. And we are also keenly aware of the opportunities of creating opportunities within our respective regions as a means to also open doors in the global arena. I am pleased that we are opening doors for each other today in new and meaningful ways,” said Minister Adam who had the honour to opened the forum.

The Minister noted that as Vietnam, Seychelles had to undertake socio-economic transformation and that the experience of the global economic crisis in 2008 has helped Seychelles to resolve its financial status and be more resilient through the macroeconomic policies and sustainable growth. He underlined that Seychelles had to take the necessary measures to create a better business environment and further encourage investment in different areas were was required.

“As a small island State, Seychelles is determined not to treat its small size as a liability, but rather as a strength. Our flexibility, and ability to act fast and decisively, are key attributes in this era where money can be transferred in minutes, and where global news and trends are updated around the clock. In addition, Seychelles prides itself on its focus on sustainable development strategies as a key component of building sustainable long term economic growth,” the Minister continued.

Leaders of government, trade and investment agencies and businesses of Seychelles and Vietnam also heard addresses from the Seychelles non-resident ambassador to Vietnam, Mr. Philippe Le Gall,  the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry  (VCCI) and the Chairman of the Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry. There were also interventions made from representative from the Seychelles Investment Board (SIB), the Seychelles Trading Company (STC), Air Seychelles, Embassy of the Republic of Seychelles (Beijing) among others.