Press release

“Our Development, Means Your Development,” Says Vice President Faure

January 31, 2015

The Seychelles delegation at the 24th Ordinary Session of the Assembly at the African Union in Addis Ababa has welcomed the importance being placed on African islands by the African Union, through the Agenda 2063 “The Africa We Want” initiative as evidence of the determination and conviction of African islands.

Leading the Seychelles delegation to the Summit, and representing President James Michel, Vice President Danny Faure spoke of the intrinsic link between the development of islands and the development of Africa, saying that one cannot happen without the other:

“Although small, our role as custodians of our oceanic spaces, means that our development translates into the development of Africa as a whole.

“Oceans transcend island states – they cover the majority of our planet and touch each and every one of us.”

In addressing the gathering of African Heads of State, the Vice President also invited African states that had yet to do so, to engage with the Blue Economy:

“Seychelles is proud to have hosted a first Blue Economy High level meeting in partnership with the UAE during the Sustainability Week in Abu Dhabi in January 2014.  At that summit we agreed to harness our oceans to accelerate our ability to produce food and energy, whilst also diversifying our economies.

“It is with this mindset that Seychelles will host a Second Blue Economy Conference in November 2015. We hope at that meeting to be able to also make a real contribution to Africa’s capacity to develop its oceans potential- its own terms, on African shores. We count on the support of the African Union and all our partners to make this conference a success.”

Accompanying the Vice President is the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Jean-Paul Adam, the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Amb. Barry Faure, the Permanent Representative to the African Union, Amb. Joseph Nourrice, and the Principal Secretary in the Office of the Vice President, Mrs. Jeanne Simeon.