Press release

Palau President in Seychelles as Guest of Honour For National Day Celebration

June 26, 2015

The President of the Republic of Palau, Mr. Tommy Esang Remengesau, will be arriving in Seychelles this Sunday for an official visit. He will be the guest of honour at the Seychelles National Day celebrations on the 29th of June.

Both Seychelles and Palau are staunch defenders of the cause of Small Island Developing States on the world stage. They both play a leadership role in promoting and investing in inter-island partnership as a means to provide solutions to the needs and special circumstances of islands.

In this crucial year where a climate deal will be negotiated in Paris and which will see the launch of the Post-2015 Development Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals, President Remengesau’s visit is opportune and will serve as a strong reminder of the special ties that island nations share and of their importance in the global tapestry of nations.

As champions of the environment and of sustainable development, President Michel and President Remengesau have been working actively to create the necessary frameworks and opportunities for their respective countries and for all islands elsewhere. It is in this spirit that the two leaders are engaged actively as co-chairs in the Global Island Partnership (GLISPA) as well in the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS), and in other fora.

Their proactive diplomacy in the SAMOA Conference has been instrumental in the successful adoption of the SAMOA PATHWAY. This major document, which holds the key elements of progress and development for all nations, has not only provided for a successful meeting for the United Nations but also provided a real sense of pride and achievement for all other island states.

Palau and Seychelles are determined to continue making a difference in the shaping of the future international agenda. They are determined to mobilise political will for greater action on climate change and to ensure that the common priorities and key deliverables of the SAMOA PATHWAY are translated into impactful and lasting action for all islands.

It will be recalled that GLISPA is an open and voluntary platform for all islands and their supporters to work together to build resilient and sustainable island communities through innovative partnerships. This initiative, which was called for by the President of Seychelles and the President at Palau in January 2005 during the second International meeting of the Small Island Developing States in Mauritius, has grown rapidly to achieve the islands’ vision of increased leadership by Small Island States in determining their own future.

It will also be recalled that Seychelles has been endorsed by the members of AOSIS as future chair of the Organisation for the period 2017-2018. This endorsement is a recognition of Seychelles’ leadership role in AOSIS. As future chair of the Organisation, Seychelles supports the efforts of Maldives as successor to Nauru to ensure that they strengthen their position ahead of the Paris Conference on Climate Change and that they reinforce the ability of AOSIS to truly act decisively.

There is no doubt that this visit will give added impetus to the endeavours of Palau and Seychelles for closer ties in all spheres vital for their development at both bilateral and multilateral levels.