Press release

Potential partnership between Seychelles and Vietnam in the field of agriculture

August 31, 2013

President James Michel planted a longun tree at the Vietnam Academy of Agriculture Sciences (VAAS) at its headquarters in Thanh Tri, Hanoi during his state visit.

This symbolic gesture represented the traditional friendship and potential partnership between Seychelles and Vietnam in the field of agriculture.

“Our visit today will enable us to see how Seychelles and Vietnam can share experiences in agricultural science. Since we have little arable land, we have to find innovative ways of doing agriculture as well as maximizing our food production and reducing our dependence on imports as we work towards sustainable development and food security,” said President Michel during the meeting with the head of the Academy, Dr Nguyen Van Bo.

President Michel pointed out that Seychelles could benefit from Vietnam’s expertise in the field of agriculture and welcomed experts from the academy to visit Seychelles to assess its potential in that sector for future exchanges.

“Our two countries should find ways to promote and develop scientifically agriculture in Seychelles and later in other African countries,” said President Michel.

Doctor Bo gave a presentation on the functions of the Academy and during the meeting the Chief Executive Officer for the Seychelles Agricultural Agency, Mr. Marc Naiken, also reaffirmed Seychelles’ interest to collaborate with Vietnam.

“The Seychelles Agricultural Agency would like to venture and collaborate with Vietnam in various domains of agronomy,’ said Mr. Naiken.

He indicated that they must look at the whole spectrum of production of crops and livestock and the value chains that goes along with it. He suggested the assistance of the institution in the training of technicians in research and development, further education studies and assistance in the animal health and production among other areas.

Doctor Bo expressed his appreciation for the continued relationship between the two countries. He said that he was convinced that President Michel’s visit to Vietnam would undoubtly open new doors to further relations between the two countries in agricultural sciences.

Editor’s note:

·         Present at the meeting were the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jean-Paul Adam, the Minister for Labour and Human Resource Development, Ms. Idith Alexander, high senior officials of the Government, the Seychelles non-resident Ambassador to Vietnam, Mr. Philippe Le Gall, two Seychellois farmers, Mr. Jean-Paul Geffroy and Mr. Jose Pool.

·         The Vietnam Academy of Agriculture Sciences has five Functional Departments and 17 Research Institutes and their satellite centers & research stations at various locations from Northern mountainous area, provinces at the Red River Delta to Southern Central and central highlands.

·         The departments have the responsibilities to provide the comprehensive visions, strategic directions and research and development Programmes; conducting basic and applied research; technology transfers and post-graduate training as well international cooperation with various countries around the world.