Press release


May 12, 2010

President James Michel has sent a message of congratulations to the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom David Cameron following his election to office yesterday.

“Your election to this high office bears testimony to the confidence and esteem that you have generated among the population.  I look forward to the continuation of the excellent relations between our two countries under your leadership,” said President Michel.

President Michel said that the historical links between Seychelles and the UK have provided a platform for the continuation of excellent relations between the two countries. 

“We share a strong commitment to find solutions to issues of global importance, including ongoing efforts to find a durable solution to the threat of climate change.  As a small island developing state, we look forward to continuing to work with the United Kingdom under your leadership, to ensure that this generation of leaders can indeed take the action that is needed to save the future of the planet.  For small islands it is a matter of survival and we count on your support.”

President Michel noted that Seychelles and the UK have also taken a determined stance to tackle the threat of piracy in the Indian Ocean, which he said was a scourge which continues to disrupt shipping and threaten the Seychelles’ economic mainstays of tourism and fishing. 

“I look forward to you support for enhanced collaboration on this issue as we must continue to strengthen our capacity to deter pirate attacks through improved surveillance and counter-piracy initiatives, while also taking action to resolve the instability in Somalia itself.”