Press release

President Danny Faure congratulates newly elected Secretary General of the United Nations Organisation

October 17, 2016

President of the Republic of Seychelles, Mr Danny Faure on behalf of the Government and the people of the Republic of Seychelles, conveyed his most sincere congratulations to His Excellency, Mr António Guterres on his appointment as the new Secretary General of the United Nations Organisation.

In his message, President Faure remarked  “Your resounding victory to the highest office of the United Nations attests to the confidence and trust that all member states have in your vision for the future of the United Nations. Such an accomplishment is not only representative of your own determination but the will of your country, Portugal, to ensure the effective delivery of the United Nations towards the needs of all member states, irrespective of the level of development and size.”

He further noted “I commend the excellent strides that you have undertaken during your term as former Prime Minister of Portugal, President of the Socialist International and recently as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.  I am confident that all the characteristics, knowledge and wisdom with which you are endowed as an international diplomat and as well as a renowned civil servant will be mirrored during your tenure as the Secretary General of the United Nations.” 

President Faure also remarked that Seychelles was one of the smallest member states of the United Nations and as such recognises and appreciates the support extended by the United Nations on pertinent subjects that are of national and international priority, namely climate change and maritime Security.

He concluded his message by stating “Seychelles’ support and its proactive role in the United Nations will remain unwavering in its pursuit of a more equitable and just order for all nations. In view of this, I am convinced that you will continue, during your tenure, to adopt a similar position as your predecessor, Mr. Ban Ki Moon, in ensuring that the vulnerabilities and special situations of Small Island Developing States are duly promulgated.”