Press release

President Danny Faure holds bilateral talks with Mr Maithripala Sirisena President of Sri Lanka

March 2, 2017

Sri Lanka, COLOMBO: On the final day of his working visit in Sri Lanka, President Danny Faure held bilateral talks with Mr Maithripala Sirisena President of Sri Lanka. President Faure expressed satisfaction on the outcome of his visit and averred that the talks with the different ministers were highly successful and spoke of the need to build on the momentum in order to elevate the bilateral relationship to a new height.

He thanked Sri Lanka for the services being rendered by its professionals towards the development of Seychelles. In particular, he mentioned the teachers, doctors, legal and judicial personal amongst others.

President Faure expressed the need to pursue and develop cooperation in the fields of tourism, agriculture and fisheries. In the agricultural sector, Seychelles will be learning from the knowhow of Sri Lanka as well as strive for increased trade and commerce in the context of the South-South Cooperation.

At that juncture, Minister Benstrong will remain in Sri Lanka to pursue discussions with the relevant authorities in Sri Lanka particularly in the areas of quarantine and bio security. The Minister is also to discuss cooperation in the fisheries sector in particular aquaculture and to work on a framework regarding the purchase of fishing vessels by Seychellois investors.

The President stated that Seychelles wishes to enhance cooperation in the fields of judiciary and legal affairs. A new policy frame work will be put in place to enhance legal cooperation.

On a very important note, the President sought the cooperation of Sri Lanka in the fight against the transnational drug problems which is affecting both countries and severely impacting on the economic and social development of our countries and the region.

On the medical side, President Faure stated his desire to expand cooperation in this sector. He noted the significant number of Seychellois seeking medical assistance in Sri Lankan hospitals including Hemas and Lanka.

On his side, President Sirisena expressed his wish to work and to pay greater attention to the relationship with Seychelles. He also stated that as two neighbouring states in the Indian Ocean, with many similarities, there are so many things that could be done in order to enhance partnership between Seychelles and Sri Lanka.

He expressed his wish to support Seychelles in working together to achieve objectives for the common development of the two countries.

He fully supported President Faure on the urgent need to work together in order to eradicate the drug problems.

Both leaders are of the view that working closely together Seychelles and Sri Lanka can be a strong voice in the regional and international arena.

Finally, President Faure invited President Sirisena to Seychelles on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Seychelles and Sri Lanka in October 2018. President Sirisena graciously accepted the invitation.