Press release

President Faure Attends Nelson Mandela Peace Summit

September 28, 2018

On 24th September 2018, a day prior to the official opening of the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly, held in New York, President Danny Faure attended the Nelson Mandela Peace Summit.
President Faure was joined by other world leaders to deliver statements in honour of the centenary since Nelson Mandela’s birth. The main thrust of the Nelson Mandela Peace Summit is to gain support for resounding global peace and renew the commitment of world leaders to conflict prevention, and the protection of human rights.
President Faure said that ‘Madiba’, through his belief in the human spirit and its infinite capacity for good, set an example to the world.
“It is not enough that we preach the great ideals for which he stood, and practise the opposite. We have an unprecedented opportunity as leaders to ensure that we govern with the philosophies of peace and equitable progress he championed. Today, I renew my commitment to living by the ideals of the late Nelson Mandela and ensuring that his message of equality, democracy, dignity, and goodness lives on through the people I have been entrusted to serve,” said President Faure.
He also noted the importance of sustainable development for the healthy future of the planet.
The end of the Nelson Mandela Peace Summit saw the adoption of a political declaration which reaffirmed the values espoused by the late leader. President Faure joined Seychelles to the declaration.

The President’s full statement can be read here: