Press release

President Faure congratulates new Japanese Emperor

May 13, 2019

President Faure expressed his warmest congratulations to the new Emperor of Japan, His Majesty, Emperor Naruhito on the occasion of His Majesty accession to the throne and the beginning of the new Reiwa era. In his message he also congratulated Her Majesty, Empress Masako, the entire Imperial family and the Japanese people.

“I wish Your Majesty and members of the Imperial family, good health, much happiness as well as the success and prosperity of the Japanese people”, conveyed the President.

President Faure also sent a message to His Majesty, Emperor Emeritus Akihito, in which he extended heartfelt appreciations to His Majesty and Her Majesty, Empress Emerita Michiko, for their successful 30 years of reign.

The President added “I am deeply grateful for all the support that Your Majesty and the people of Japan have given to Seychelles during your reign.”