Press release

President Faure expresses his condolences following the passing of Fidel Castro of Cuba

November 26, 2016

Following the passing of the former President of the Republic of Cuba, Fidel Castro, President Danny Faure has sent  message of condolence to President Raúl Castro stating that it was with profound sadness that he had learnt of the passing El Commandante, Fidel Castro who he described as a great historical figure beloved by the Cuban people and millions around the world.

“I am deeply grateful for the special affection that he (Fidel Castro) had for the Seychelles. Under his guidance , Cuba played a pivotal role towards Seychelles’ efforts for development, “ said President Faure.

In concluding his message President Faure said “Great men not die , they live on in the hearts, minds and work of the many that they have inspired.