Press release

President Faure meets Foreign Minister of Malta

October 9, 2017

As part of the bilateral talks pursued in the margins of the ‘Our Oceans Conference’, President Danny Faure met with the Executive Director of the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Mr. Yury Fedotov.

The partnership established with UNODC since Seychelles experienced the first pirate attacks, was described by President Faure as one which has yielded important results in ensuring that the Indian Ocean remains a zone of peace and prosperity.

However, in view of the close links that exist between piracy and other transnational threats such as drug and human trafficking, President Faure advocated the need for a stronger collaboration with UNODC in order to preserve the gains made and to also address new threats undermining the prosperity and wellbeing of the people of Seychelles.

In this regard, President Faure sought the assistance of UNODC in building stronger surveillance networks for the Indian Ocean. As part of Seychelles’ response to addressing the issue of drug trafficking, President Faure highlighted the new measures being introduced by the Seychelles Government in ensuring that the concerned authorities are informed of all boats entering Seychelles’ territorial waters.

The President outlined the reforms currently underway to build the capacity of the Seychelles Police to ensure that it is in a position to effectively implement law and order in the country. 

In building on the work of law enforcement efforts to combat the scourge of drug trafficking, President Faure also indicated that no effort will be spared by the Government of Seychelles in ensuring that drug rehabilitation measures are consolidated in order to curb the demand for drugs. 

Consequently, he indicated that Seychelles will need the support and expertise of well-established institutions like the UNDOC to guide Government on the most appropriate measures that could be introduced in drug rehabilitation and that appropriately meet the needs of a small island nation states like Seychelles.

Mr. Yury Fedotov renewed the commitment of UNODC in supporting Seychelles in these new areas and has agreed to dispatch the experts required to Seychelles before the end of the year to assist the Government in this endeavour.

The meeting with the Executive Director was attended by the Secretary of State, Ambassador Barry Faure, and the Principal Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Michelle Murray