Press release

President Faure Meets President Castro

May 1, 2017

Havana, Cuba: In furtherance of his State Visit to Cuba, President Danny Faure was received by President Raul Castro yesterday evening at the Presidential Palace. The two leaders had a thorough exchange on issues of mutual interest on the international scene. Cuba and Seychelles share common values and aspirations in their common quest to advance the ideals of peace, understanding and respect among nations. These include respect for principles of international law, respect for the the sovereignty and independence of nations as well as espousing the values of solidarity among peoples.

The enhancement of the education and health sectors were the focus of discussions at the bilateral level. At the request of President Faure, President Castro has agreed that the 15 Seychellois medical students currently studying in various universities in the country can pursue their specialization programmes immediately after graduating from their respective medical schools, with no interruption in their studies. “This will allow Seychelles to be better endowed with much needed specialist doctors in a shorter time frame, and allow us to better plan for our future needs in the medical sector” President Faure stated.

President Faure expressed his appreciation to President Castro for the support received from Cuba over the past three decades by sending doctors and specialists to Seychelles. “Today there are 51 of them working in various districts. They are providing the highest quality of healthcare to our people. They have integrated easily in our communities and have earned the respect of our people” he said. “We now look to the support of Cuba in the implementation of a comprehensive programme for the treatment of diabetes, cancer, as well as increasing vaccination as part of our early childhood immunization initiative” he added.

The opening of the Seychelles Embassy, the 114th in Havana, will provide the appropriate platform for the expansion of the scope of ties of friendship and cooperation between the two countries. These already exist in the fields of sports, agriculture and the environment.

The meeting saw the participation from the Cuban side of Mr Bruno Rodriguez Parilla, Minster of Foreign Affairs, Mr Roqelo Sierra, Vice Minister for Bilateral Affairs, and from the Seychelles side by Mrs Macsuzy Mondon, Designated Minister, and Ambassador Claude Morel, Foreign Secretary.

As part of the program for his State Visit in Cuba, President Faure prior to meeting President Castro also laid a wreath to honor Cuban National Hero, Jose Marti, at the Memorial Monument in the Revolution Square.