Press release

President Faure receives delegation from the Republic of Korea

December 27, 2017

The President of the Republic, Mr Danny Faure, welcomed a delegation of members from the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea (ROK) to State House this afternoon.

The delegation was visiting Seychelles for the first time, led by chairman Lee Ju-young of the Korean National Assembly Forum for Africa’s New Era.This is a platform designed to mobilise the Korean National Assembly’s capabilities and implement policies designed to boost cooperative diplomacy toward Africa.

Chairman Ju-young commended the existing diplomatic relations between Korea and Seychelles, and expressed his interest in developing further avenues of bilateral cooperation. He also took the opportunity to congratulate President Faure on the system of cohabitation in Seychelles, saying that it serves as an example of successful democracy to the international community. Chairman Ju-young also touched on the nuclear threat from North Korea, and urged President Faure to join their cause for peaceful disarmament.

The President thanked the delegation for their visit and words of support. He reiterated that Seychelles is a peaceful country, and stated that the widespread support for sanctions against North Korea is a demonstration of the international community’s commitment to peace in the region.

President Faure also congratulated Korea on their economic growth and development, that has improved the lives of their citizens and made vast contributions to the international economy. He expressed interest in borrowing aspects of the Korean model and developing cooperation with Seychelles in four primary sectors: fisheries, technology, tourism, and renewable energy. He pledged to continue building a strong relationship with the Republic of Korea, encouraging people-to-people contact.

The delegation included Members of the National Assembly in Korea including Hon Kim Kyung-hyup, Vice Chairman of Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee, Hon Soo Hyuck-Lee, Vice Chairman of the Maritime and Fisheries Council, Hon Lee Man-hee, member of the Special Committee on Future Job Creation, and Hon Soo Hyuck-Lee, First Secretary in the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Also present for the meeting this afternoon was the Honorary Consul for Korea, Mr Conrad Benoiton, Director General for International Relations, Mrs Lindy Ernesta, and Second Secretary, Mr Alexander Mancham.