Press release


September 6, 2010

President James Michel  has met with the Vice-Chairperson of the Chinese National People’s Congress Standing Committee, Mrs. Chen Zhili.

Mrs Zhili is in Seychelles for a 3 day visit with a prominent delegation of the NPC which is undertaking a tour of Africa.

“ This visit is another stone in a strong wall of friendship between Seychelles and China,” said President Michel during the discussions.

Mrs. Zhili said that would continue to build on the strong relations, and encourage future exchanges between the two countries.

Mrs. Chen Zhili also met with the First Lady Mrs. Natalie Michel to discuss their activities in areas of similar charitable work. Mrs Zhili is chairman of  the Children’s Foundation of China and All China Women’s Federation, and Mrs. Michel is the Chairperson and Patron of the Children’s Homes Foundation.