Press release


October 16, 2009

Following his official visit to the Republic of Korea, the President has stopped over in Beijing to launch the first Seychelles tourism seminar held in the People’s Republic of China.  During his one-day visit to China President James Michel addressed an audience of some two hundred people representing major Chinese and Seychellois tour operators, travel agencies and journalists gathered for the Seychelles Tourism Seminar. 

“You will discover innovative products and unparalled experiences.  In fact, no verbal description can do justice to the real experience of visiting Seychelles.  If you have ever visited already, then you will know what I mean when I mention the feeling of watching the sunset on a pristine beach.  This is when we say Sesel sa! This is Seychelles- that indescribable feeling of knowing that you are in a place which is unique on earth,” said President Michel in his keynote address.

The President told the Chinese tourism trade about the Seychelles efforts to preserve the natural beauty of the country, not only for ourselves, but for the benefit of humanity. The President invited Chinese travelers to come to Seychelles to share in this beauty together with the Seychellois people.

President Michel also saluted the efforts of the Chinese government to promote environmental awareness and green technologies in combination with tourism growth. 

“The enhancement of links between our two countries in the field of tourism will further help to foster the understanding of our environment and how, as two peoples developing in tandem, we can also jointly contribute to protect it,” said President.   

President Michel commented on the airline connection between Seychelles and China, saying that he is confident that the traffic loads from China will make direct flights viable in the near future.

“ Air Seychelles is ready to move in this direction as soon as necessary.  If on the other hand, there are Chinese companies ready to work with us to make such flights possible, we would welcome them immediately.  We would also recommend exploring the possibility of charter flights to stimulate the market.”

The President witnessed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Seychelles Tourism Board and the Beijing Tourism Administration. The MOU was signed by the Chairman of the STB, Mr. Maurice Loustau-Lalanne and Mrs. Zhang Huiguang, Director of the BTA.

The seminar was held at the Maya Island Hotel in Beijing, and was organised by the Seychelles Embassy in Beijing in collaboration with the Seychelles Tourism Board.

At the end of his visit, the President has commended the Seychelles tourism trade on the spirit of partnership and cooperation which is leading the Seychelles brand to constantly search for new markets and new opportunities for the Seychelles tourism industry.

“This seminar is symbolic of the spirit of Koste Seselwa, where the government and the private sector come together to promote our beautiful islands”, the President remarked.

The President returns to Seychelles next week, following the completion of his official visits to UNESCO, South Korea and China.