Press release


February 3, 2012

The Chancellor of TERI University and Director-General of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), Dr RK Pachauri, has conferred an honorary Doctorate in Philosophy on President James Michel, who is also Chancellor of the University of Seychelles, at a convocation ceremony at TERI University in Delhi this week.

Dr Pachauri awarded the honorary degree ‘in view of President Michel’s contribution to society,’ particularly as an ardent advocate of the cause of small island states and the preservation of the environment.

“The TERI University expresses deep respect for President Michel’s leadership in the fields of environment and his efforts to foster sustainable development, by conferring on James Alix Michel, the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, honoris causa,” said the Registrar of TERI Univeristy, Dr Rajiv Seth.

Honorary doctorates were also awarded to the Former President of Guyana, Bharrat Jagdeo,  the Minister of Environment and Minister of Development Cooperation of the Kingdom of Norway, Erik Solheim, Nobel laureate Dr Elinor Ostrom,and Group General Manager and Country Head of the HSBC Group in India, Naina LalKidwai.

Upon receiving the academic honor, President James Michel dedicated the honorary doctorate to the people of Seychelles.

“I am deeply honoured that this distinguished university has chosen to confer an honorary doctorate on me today, and I dedicate my acceptance of this prestigious award to the people of Seychelles…. Today’s occasion is one of special significance and pride, as it both acknowledges and enhances the long-standing cordial relationship the Republic of Seychelles enjoys with the Republic of India, “ said President Michel in his acceptance speech.

The President noted that TERI University and the University of Seychelles and have been built upon the same vision that seeks answers to today’s local and global problems of climate change, sustainable development, governance and energy independence.

“We recognize today that without such institutions we will not be able to understand the changes that are happening and also not avail of the opportunity for us to address those challenges within our own context and constraints. Expanding our knowledge on climate change science will help us to better understand the dynamics of the ocean that we share.”

The President said that the  collaboration between the two universities will also help to build capacity for renewable energy development in Seychelles.

“Our vision to transform the Seychelles energy sector stands firm, and for it to be a reality we need well-trained specialists in the area of energy management, innovation and planning.”

Editor’s Note

  • During TERI University’s Fourth Convocation ceremony, 9 students were conferred doctoral degrees and 157 students were awarded master’s degrees.
  • An honorary degree or a degree honoris causa (Latin: “for the sake of the honor”) is an academic degree that is conferred as a way of honoring a distinguished visitor’s contributions to a specific field, or to society in general.