Press release

President Michel Condemns UN Terrorist Attack

August 30, 2011

Following the terrorist attack on the United Nations headquarters is Abuja, Nigeria last Friday, President Michel has sent a letter to the UN Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, condemning the attacks and pledging the continued support of the People and Government of Seychelles to the UN ideals of global peace and security.

“The attack underlines the alarming rise in global terrorism and thus the ever-pressing need for the joint efforts of the international community in combating such global threats. Indeed, the threat is far-reaching and all nations are at risk.

“In this spirit, we commend the emphasis being placed by the United Nations in combating global terrorism and such incidents should strengthen our resolution for a solution. Please rest assured that Seychelles remains committed in its mission to combat global terrorism as we also face the scourge of piracy attacks off the coast of Somalia,” said President Michel.

President Michel has also sent a message to the Government of Nigeria conveying the condolences of the People and Government of Seychelles.

The suicide bomber attack claimed 23 lives and left over 81 wounded.