Press release

President Michel Congratulates New Somali President and Calls for Release of Seychellois Hostages

September 11, 2012

President James Michel has called upon the newly elected President of the Federal Republic of Somalia to assist in freeing the two Seychellois nationals currently being held hostage by pirates in Somalia.

In a letter congratulating the President Elect, President James Michel has called upon President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud to spearhead the demise of piracy within Somalia and help free the two Seychellois fishermen, Mr. Rolly Tambara and Mr. Marc Songoire, now held for over 330 days.

President Michel said that he hoped President Mohamud’s tenure would represent an unwavering support for the deliverance of all those directly affected by the scourge of piracy and their families.

In conclusion, President Michel extended the well wishes of the People and Government of Seychelles so that the Federal Republic of Somalia may continuously work to restore peace and stability in their country and the region as a whole.